RSS Feed –What Is It and What Can It Do for Me?

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You probably have seen an RSS, (Real Simple Syndication) link on many web sites, and like me until recently, probably never thought twice about what it was and what it does. You are not alone only about 2% of web user use RSS feeds.

What is it?

The definition from Wikipedia is RSS is a type of web feed. What that means is when you sign up for a RSS feed from a web site you will get an alert from your feed reader anytime their is a new post or announcement on the site. Feed readers come in a number of forms. There are web based readers and can be accessed via your browser, desktop based and require that you download and install a program onto your computer, integrated readers which may be added on to certain Internet software or as part of the standard program. This page has a concise definition with links to different readers.

My First Time

I was first introduced to RSS when I ordered my new Macbook. It was shipping from China and I wanted to keep up to date with its progress to Bridgewater. Checking the Fed ex site every few hours, (yes I know it sounds obsessive but I couldn’t wait for it to come), and logging in the tracking # got old fast. I found they had a universal package tracker with a RSS feed. Once I downloaded a feed reader and subscribed to the feed, every time my Macbook moved closer to be my feed updated.

What It Does for Me

After the success with the package tracking I signed up with CBC to get regular updates from their news site. You can get updates from eBay, your favourite blog posts, and from Etsy stores without actually logging on to their site.

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Baby Center Canada or Baby Centre

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I was happy to discover that Baby Center has started a Canadian version of their site. While I was pregnant I used their UK site.

The Baby Center lets you put in your due date or babies birthday and they send you weekly updates about the stage in the pregnancy or the developmental stage your baby is at. They also have advice and support for those trying to get pregnant.

As well they have a forum so you can “meet up” with other Mom’s and Mom’s to be.

3 Baby Products I Couldn’t Have Made it Through the First 6 Months Without

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I was just clicked through a link onto the Oprah Show asking what were your favourite Baby Shower gifts, and I thought it would make an excellent blog post.

There were three things that I could not have made it though the first 6 months of motherhood without—all of them bought off of eBay, none of them received as shower gifts—but I believe any Mother would be thrilled to receive them as a gift.

The first was my Boppy. I am a breastfeeding mother, who was determined to make it through the rough beginning no matter what. I could not have done it without my Boppy. In fact I have 2 Boppies one for upstairs and one for downstairs. It seemed like all I did for the first three months was breastfeed my daughter. The boppy allowed me to have my hands sort of free and get her in just the right position to latch onto the breast properly. It was definitely a life-saver.

The second item was the Fisher Price Cradle Swing. When we put Georgia in the swing she would sleep 5, 6 even 8 hours in a row, which meant that we could sleep 5, 6 even 8 hours in a row. It was a sanity saver. We didn’t have the swing for the first 2 months, and when we put Georgia down to sleep in her bassinet, crib, or safety sleeper she would sleep an hour maybe an hour and a half at a time.

Another plus about the cradle swing—because the baby sleeps at a slight incline, it takes the pressure off of their head and keeps them from having that flat head some kids get due to the “Back to Sleep” SIDS prevention campaign. A big negative about the swing is that in takes 4 D Batteries, and we went through them quickly. Fisher Price should think about adding an optional plug-in adapter to help save on those batteries.

The last baby product that I couldn’t live without was the Baby Bjorn Carrier. We bought a travel system stroller and car seat, so we could easily take Georgia out shopping and be able to transport her from car to stroller without waking her. This never worked. As soon as we got into the store she would start crying—we then found ourselves carrying her while pushing this big empty stroller—not fun.

Once we bought the Baby Bjorn she was much happier. She especially liked being able to see all the people when she was out. People also interacted with her because she was up on your chest. I think that it helped with her with her social development, and it is so much easier to move around shops without a stroller.

The Bjorn was a also a life-saver at home—if she was a little fussy I could slip her in to the carrier and still get stuff done around the house.

Now too big for the Bjorn, she enjoys the stroller as she can sit up and see out. I was able to sell one of my Baby Bjorn‘s on eBay for more then I paid for it.

(Shameless plug ahead) I would be remiss if on the Snug-A-Bug Blanket Blog, I didn’t recommend any of my blankets as great shower gifts. They are perfect for the Fisher Price swing, carseat, and your travel system stroller (that your baby may or may not like).

Tell me what your three favourite things were for your first 6 months with baby.

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11 Months Already

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I can not believe it but my daughter is 11 months old today. The time seems to have flown by. She has been such a big change in mine and Jay’s life, yet (I know this is cliché) I can not remember how life was before her.

There is no sweeter sound than her giggle, and her now toothey smile is magnificent.

We hemmed and hawed about having a baby for many years, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have kids. They just seemed so restrictive. Now I wonder why we waited so long.

Happy 11month Birthday Georgia!

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One Family’s Cloth Diaper Experience

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Before Georgia was born, my husband Jay and I decided to use cloth diapers instead of disposables.

I didn’t like the idea of throwing all that plastic into a landfill and the chemicals used to make diapers white—not to mention having those chemicals up against my baby’s skin all day.

As I started to look into cloth diapers I could not believe the cost difference. Although cloth diapers are expensive in the beginning, I think we have spent about $600-700, that is much less than the costs of disposables. The cost I have read are about $2000/year!

While researching the different cloth diaper manufacturers, I was pleasantly surprised a lot of the companies are Canadian. The two spots we have bought diapers from are The Baby Marketplace and Mother-ease. I loved the way the MJ fitted diapers looked and they have worked very well. The air-flow covers by Mother-ease do not leak. We had used Bummis diaper covers at first and found that they leaked, I am not sure if it was us or the wraps themselves. Luckily I was able to sell them on eBay .

I must admit we have used some disposable diapers. It just seems like to much work to bring cloth diapers with us when we are away from home, not to mention carrying the dirty diapers around with us. There are some diapers that are chlorine free, Seventh Generation. They seem to work better than huggies and pampers with no leaks, although because of their taupe colour and lack of cartoon characters they do attract attention.

Overall I would have to say I am happy with our decision to use cloth diapers as our primary diapering. Laundering them isn’t much work, an extra load every other day. Cloth diapers today are not the same as years ago no folding or pins, they have been replaced by snaps and Velcro.

The one item I need to recommend for all cloth diaper users is the gamma seal lids for your diaper pail. The lid screws onto standard 5 gallon buckets (the kind used for paint or pickles) and no smell comes out, but when you open it watch out. You can get them at The Baby Marketplace and Lee Valley.

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