Fresh New Baby Blanket Designs

New Designs

There are new styles available from Snug-A-Bug Blankets. I have a couple new Animal Cracker blankets, one in very girly pink. I have also brought back Bringing Home Daisy in a spring yellow. I have a couple of new prints: a kitchsy animal print in blue and pink, a couple retro floral prints—one in green […]

February 24, 2007

Georgia’s First Sign Revisted

Baby, Lifestyle, Parenting

Georgia was almost 1 year old when we started to teach her sign language to communicate early. She was quick to pick up the sign for “more”. Since that time, she has learned a number of new signs including “milk”, “eat”, “change” and “dog”. She seems to go through spells where she uses her signs […]

February 15, 2007

$15 Rebate from Paypal

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Paypal is offering a $15USD rebate when you make a purchase of $30USD or more with your Paypal account. The rebate is good from February 8, 2007 until March 31, 2007 in Canada and the USA at any shop that paypal is accepted like Snug-A-Bug Blankets. The rebate is not automatic but will be in […]

February 12, 2007