Soft like Cashmere, Warm as Fleece: New Minky Baby Blanket Designs

New Designs / Monday, February 26th, 2007

People often ask me What is Minky? Minky—or Minkee, as it is sometimes known—is a super-soft cashmere-like, 100% polyester microfiber stretch fabric. It is warm as fleece but doesn’t pill like fleece.

Minky comes in a wide range of colours and styles like dot and diamond. Minky is machine washable in cold or warm water and will not shrink. A gentle washer and dryer cycle is recommended. Ironing Minky is not recommended and could smooth out your minky-dot dimples. Minky is also not flame resistant and care should be taken around open flames.

Minky is becoming more and more popular and I have seen it in all sorts of forms at many stores. There is definitely different qualities of minky. I use a very high quality minky that I get from a supplier in the US.

New Designs

I managed to find some time yesterday and have created 3 new designs with my new fabric.

Flutterby is made from super-soft white Minky-Plush backed with a whimsical 100% cotton print with 4 different themes. One is birds on a tree, “TWEET”, the next is, “KITTY” with a very retro diva cat, then we have, “FLUTTERBY” with a large butterfly and a peace sign above it’s head then at last, “ESCAPE” which is a bird escaping a beautiful vintage, wire cage.

Poppy is a retro Orange and Green 100% cotton print that is backed with chocolate Minky-Dot.

Nothing but Flowers is also backed with a lush chocolate minky dot. The print is of pink and brown flowers on a taupe background. The material is a heavier upholstery weight fabric–the type used in duvet covers–100% stain resistant cotton.

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