New Mothersucker Colours–Hip Baby Wear for the Breastfeeding Baby

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Cafe press is now offering the Mothersucker Baby Wear in colours other than white.

The onsies are now available in pink and blue and the infant/toddler t-shirts are in blue, pink, and yellow.

The t-shirts are sized from 6 months to 4 years, and the onsies are 6-24 months.

They are a fun shower gift for the Mom who plans to breastfeed.

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The Cutest Sweaters on the Martha Stewart Show

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Friday’s Martha Stewart show featured a crafter who made the cutest sweaters for children.

They are made from adult sweaters that are shrunken and then turned into children’s sized sweaters. The instructions and the templates can be found on the Martha Stewart site. The woman who was doing the felting (the applying of the appliqué) also sells her sweaters on Etsy. They are very cute and you should check out her shop, Sweetest Thing Design.

I might try and make a cardigan for Georgia but the felting looked like a lot of work and may take a lot of patience to complete.

An Alternative to Etsy for Vintage Sellers

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Vintage sellers left looking for an alternative to Etsy can see the beginnings of a new website for sellers of vintage items.

The site, which is meant to fill a void on the internet, is aimed at buyers and sellers of vintage, antique and vintage inspired items. The blog has gone up and you can track the progress and leave comments about the site.

Check it out at

The Day the Scooba Died: An Experience with Great Customer Service

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My Scooba died unexpectedly last month.

I turned it on to do a quick wash of the front hall and it sounded funny, like the vacuum wasn’t working. It ran for about 5 minutes and then quit and the red service me light was flashing. I took it apart to make sure there wasn’t anything blocking the vacuum, removed the battery, and then put it back together. It started again and this time it sounded right with the vacuum working but it only lasted 5 minutes before it died again.

Since I had purchased it from eBay, I was concerned if iRobot would honour the warranty. I had registered it when it first arrived with no problem, but I wasn’t sure if they might give me trouble because it wasn’t bought at retail outlet and I didn’t have a receipt other than my PayPal transaction.

The customer service rep immediately knew what the problem was and sent out a replacement battery, free of charge. Apparently, the Scooba batteries are sensitive to heat and she recommended that we keep the top open when charging and to keep it away from heating vents while charging.

The new battery arrived within 2 weeks from the US to Canada. The Scooba is back to its old self keeping my floors clean while I do something else.

Don’t forget to check out my original post about my Scooba if you haven’t read it.