New Embroidery Design: Mod Flowers

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I have created a new embroidery design to use with your embroidery machine. It is a modern flower design inspired by mid century style. It is available at Snug-A-Bug Blankets in 3 sizes; small 99.3×67.1mm (3.91×2.64inch), medium 152.4×102.6mm (6.0×4.04inches) and large 226.3×152.3mm (8.91×6.0 inches), and a number of formats including PES, HUS, and DST. I think it would great on a throw pillow.

New Modern Minky Baby Blankets from Snug-A-Bug Blankets

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Green Vine Minky Baby BlanketGreen Vine and Orange Berry are the two newest minky baby blankets from Snug-A-Bug Blankets.

The Green Vine original modern “Snug-A-Bug Blankets” Minky* Blanket is made from super soft chocolate Minky-Dot backed with a bold green and cream vine pattern.

The Orange Berry Minky Blanket is made from super soft chocolate Minky-Dot backed with a bold orange, yellow, and cream leaf and berry pattern.

Both blankets measures approximately 25inches long by 20inches wide, (64x51cm), and topped with cuddly soft minky diamond fabric. They are the perfect size for a car-seat, stroller, bassinet, or baby swing.

Sock Monkeys and Animal Crackers Blankets Back in Stock

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Sock Monkey Minky Blanket

Finally, after much searching, I was able to find some more fabric for both the Sock Monkey and Animal Cracker Blankets.

The Sock Monkey blanket is red cotton backed with Monkey fur-like chocolate minky. Animal Crackers is available with lavender, yellow, or denim minky and has a cute modern print with giraffes, hippos, and tigers.

You can buy these and my new styles for spring at my Snug-A-Bug Blankets Etsy shop.

Another New Spring Snug-A-Bug Baby Blanket and Now with Matching Bib

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An Evening of Damsak Bib and Blanket SetAnother new spring style has hatched at Snug-A-Bug Blankets: Evening in Damask.

The Damask print is a Robin’s-egg blue with chocolate brown print. It is backed with chocolate Minky-Dot and topped with Minky-Diamond.

For the first time time at Snug-A-Bug you can buy it in a gift set with a matching bib. The bib has the same modern damask print and is backed with Chocolate Minkee-Dot and trimmed in brown.

Snug-A-Bug Blankets Featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

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Pregnancy and newborn magazineSnug-A-Bug Blankets “What a Hoot” minky baby blanket has been featured in the January 2008 Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

I would like to thank the editors at the magazine for picking one of my blankets to be featured, and I would like to welcome the readers to my website.

For those looking to purchase “What a Hoot”, or any of my new Snug-A-Bug Blanket styles, please follow the link to my Etsy shop.

New Mothersucker Colours–Hip Baby Wear for the Breastfeeding Baby

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Cafe press is now offering the Mothersucker Baby Wear in colours other than white.

The onsies are now available in pink and blue and the infant/toddler t-shirts are in blue, pink, and yellow.

The t-shirts are sized from 6 months to 4 years, and the onsies are 6-24 months.

They are a fun shower gift for the Mom who plans to breastfeed.

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Soft like Cashmere, Warm as Fleece: New Minky Baby Blanket Designs

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People often ask me What is Minky? Minky—or Minkee, as it is sometimes known—is a super-soft cashmere-like, 100% polyester microfiber stretch fabric. It is warm as fleece but doesn’t pill like fleece.

Minky comes in a wide range of colours and styles like dot and diamond. Minky is machine washable in cold or warm water and will not shrink. A gentle washer and dryer cycle is recommended. Ironing Minky is not recommended and could smooth out your minky-dot dimples. Minky is also not flame resistant and care should be taken around open flames.

Minky is becoming more and more popular and I have seen it in all sorts of forms at many stores. There is definitely different qualities of minky. I use a very high quality minky that I get from a supplier in the US.

New Designs

I managed to find some time yesterday and have created 3 new designs with my new fabric.

Flutterby is made from super-soft white Minky-Plush backed with a whimsical 100% cotton print with 4 different themes. One is birds on a tree, “TWEET”, the next is, “KITTY” with a very retro diva cat, then we have, “FLUTTERBY” with a large butterfly and a peace sign above it’s head then at last, “ESCAPE” which is a bird escaping a beautiful vintage, wire cage.

Poppy is a retro Orange and Green 100% cotton print that is backed with chocolate Minky-Dot.

Nothing but Flowers is also backed with a lush chocolate minky dot. The print is of pink and brown flowers on a taupe background. The material is a heavier upholstery weight fabric–the type used in duvet covers–100% stain resistant cotton.

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